Spring is on the way and you’re just itching to buy some plants, get out the seeds, break out your tools, and generally get gardening. Well, don’t get impatient and start working in the garden too early. There are a few things you should do first and there’s no time like the present. Planning and preparation will save you time, money, and will make the whole gardening season go better.

  1. Repair trellises, cages and fences before they are covered with plants
  2. Inspect your garden tools and get them into shape: clean, oil, sharpen, treat wooden handles, etc.
  3. Take stock and stock up. Do you have enough:
    • potting soil,
    • fertilizer, pest control
    • pots
    • stakes
    • labels
  4. Clean up fall and winter debris
  5. Check your raised beds for damage or wear. Repair what you find before you use the bed again.
  6. Clean up paths and patios
  7. Turn your compost and sift out any that is ready
  8. Feed your soil
    • Top dress your garden beds with the compost you just produced
    • Add slow release fertilizer
  9. Weed and mulch before they get well established
  10. Rake and reseed any lawn areas
  11. Plant tender bulbs and tubers like dahlias and lilies
  12. Move perennials and shrubs before they begin to leaf out
  13. Divide you summer blooming perennials and share the wealth
  14. Test soil Ph and add lime where required
  15. Start warm weather vegetables and flowers indoors
  16. Prune shrubs, trees and fall blooming perennials, if not already done
  17. Apply horticultural oil sprays to pear and apple trees.