August 29, 2017

We’ve been waiting… waiting for the sun to do some work for us! The new garden is resting under a covering of clear plastic, and when the air temperature gets into the 90s, the weeds under that plastic are cooking… we hope.

Soon those 90 degree days will be behind us, and it will be time to roll back the plastic to reveal our new garden space. Just as the team of volunteers shown above watered the ground (to help the nasty weeds to germinate) and then spread the plastic, we’ll need help to remove the plastic and spread some amendments (i.e. food for plants). Watch for notice of a workday in the last half of September.

The exciting thing about removing the plastic is that we are almost ready to plant many of the areas planned for perennials. We have many proposed “beds” that need the thinking of a Master Gardener to plan their contents. Yeah, I’m talking to you! If you’ve ever wanted to start from scratch with a new area, and have other gardeners willing to help with the work to execute your ideas, you’ve got a great opportunity! Send a note to, and I’ll pass it on to our design team. We’d love to have your help!

Big things will come up soon: We’ll be assembling a 12’ x 8’ shed on the North edge of the garden to store tools. We’ll be constructing the 4’ wide ADA compliant paths through the garden area. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be putting in a 48’ x 30’ greenhouse! We are working with an organization that doesn’t want their almost new greenhouse, and hoping to have it dismantled and re-constructed on our site.