July 4, 2017


The annex irrigation work is done, at least until we have installed the raised beds this fall. 760 feet of pipe, 25 risers, 6 hose bibs, and no leaks. Work is taking a short break as many of us have duties with the International Master Gardener Conference next week. Come visit the Trade Show and check out the orange aprons that will identify the volunteers.

Alas, that puts us behind schedule! We want to use the hot sun to kill off all our weeds (ok, how about many of our weeds?) using a process called solarization. Starting Monday, July 17th, we’ll be tilling the annex to torture the current crop of weeds and bring other weed seeds to the surface. On Thursday, July 20th, I’m hoping a team of volunteers will help pick up the rocks that will also be turned up by the tilling. As soon as that’s done, we’ll water the whole area thoroughly to help those new weed seeds germinate. On Saturday, July 22nd, we’ll cover the area with clear plastic. With good sun for the next two months, the temperatures under the plastic will get sufficiently high to kill off those sprouting weeds, leaving us beds ready for planting.
We hoped to offer a class on solarization, but we don’t have the necessary preparation time. However, if you are interested in an organic method for getting a weedy area ready for planting, come to our workday on Saturday, July 22nd. We’ll certainly describe what we are doing and why, and what we would be doing if we were a month earlier. You can watch it happen. Actually, you can make it happen!


Four people, two hours. A Future Edible Forest Garden