Project Status at the end of September, 2017

After two months simmering beneath clear sheets of plastic, the weeds in the new annex are… well, not gone, but small. Interestingly, there were small sections that almost flourished, and other areas that seemed to be sprouting new weeds. Alas, the plastic had degraded so badly in the sun that it could not be reused. I’d call our attempt at solarization… hmmm… interesting? educational? How about OVER!

We’ve put yellow flags out where our new, ADA compliant gravel paths will go. To my eye, it makes it seem real. You can walk along the path and say, “Ah, that’s were the herb swirl will go”, or “See how it converges on the presentation area?”. We have a design team led by Nancy Fineworking on the individual beds set aside for perennials. We have a soil committee deciding what the best approach to amendment is for the various areas. We have purchased and assembled a 8’ x 12’ shed instead of a shipping container, saving more than a $1000 compared to budgeted amount, and $2000 compared to current cost of those containers!

In the next week or so we will be building some nursery beds to allow us to take advantage of sales coming up soon. We’ll acquire desirable plants and place them in the nursery until their destination beds are ready to accept them. We’ll also be planting our swamp rose hedge soon, which will eventually block our view of a debris pile. Our next major project will be constructing the ADA compliant paths. Stay tuned!

The greenhouse in Vancouver is in limbo. The assembly/moving team is too busy to give me a quote, and the owner apparently needs the blessing of tons of people to give the thing away. I will continue to prod gently.