Putting the Annex to Bed?

Further progress has been made at the Annex. Perennial bed designers can be seen turning around in circles in their newly assigned beds. Several have asked for cardboard and wood chips on their beds through the winter. Some have asked for more dirt formed into hills or berms. Lots of work to do!

The Dingo rental went well, although the machine had a bit of a learning curve. Several of us gave it a try, and we managed to dig up all the major paths in the new garden area. It may be a bit confusing to designers with adjacent beds, because we dug up an area closer to 6’ wide instead of 4’. The next step on the paths is to move the loosened dirt from the middle 4’ Some of this will be done by hand, but if the weather predictions hold for clear skies next week, the Dingo will probably return next Thursday (October 26th) to help dig out the dirt. You’ve got another chance to try it out if you weren’t able to come last Monday.

As the rains arrive and volunteers start thinking about reading books and taking naps instead of gardening, it gets a little difficult to schedule activities. We made some decisions Thursday, while huddled in Greenhouse 5 away from the rain. Coming quickly, we’ll put a supply of cardboard in the new shed (some is there already) and dump a big pile of wood chips in the area that will eventually be the outdoor classroom. That’s a central area, and chips are light enough to wheelbarrow to individual beds. We’ll start hand digging the paths close to perennial beds needing cardboard and chips so the extra dirt will be at the bottom. We’ll purchase the (expensive!) steel border pieces, and start a team constructing the actual paths and filling them with gravel. I’m really looking forward to seeing the first actual completed path section! I hope you’ll join us when you can!