Upcoming Work Day

Saturday, March 19th, we’ll have a special workday at the Annex. We’ll be doing a lot of planting in perennial beds, caring for those plants already in the ground, spreading mulch, and working on the new path running over to 57th Avenue. This is a great opportunity to help the Annex along while getting some Saturday volunteer hours. We’ll be there from 9am until noon at least.

With the help of Jennifer’s husband Merrill, who the Awards committee should make an Honorary MG, we’ve got our rototiller fixed, a couple weed whackers running, and are close to having a riding lawn mower available for the demo garden. Now we just have to find a volunteer willing to sit in the seat and steer! Anybody think they can handle that?

The Annex is really coming together.  We’re not just building now, we’re gardening. We’ve got hundreds of plants in the perennial beds, and three raised beds built and planted with vegies that will supplement the production of the original garden. Come help us develop and operate this great place!