June 7, 2017

The plans to rototill the annex were “ditched” at the last minute when we were advised that the ditching machines we need to use to install our irrigation will not move on tilled soil! Time to swap some items in the schedule! Now we’re ready to move on installing irrigation lines. Tilling will come next.
On Thursday, June 22nd, starting at 9am, we'll be digging ditches necessary to install our irrigation lines. We will rent a machine called a “Ditch Witch” for this job. From our past experience with these machines, it is wonderful to have several people who can run the machine for a short time. It is not technically challenging, but the machine does tend to shake up the operator. With one operator, it would be *!/&#@%, with several it should be easy. If there are extra helpers, there are several trees that need low hanging limbs trimmed.
On Saturday, June 24th, starting at 9am, we will be installing the pipes for irrigation. This means measuring, measuring again, then cutting, and gluing in a large number of trenches. We’re hoping a number of you will come help us get this job done in a reasonable time.
On Monday, June 26th, the irrigation folks from Portland Parks and Recreation will help us check over our work, and then we will test the system. I almost wrote that we would fix any problems, but how could there be any problems? Once the system is proved, we’ll fill in the trenches, which a lot of bodies would make easy.
If you can help that Thursday, Saturday, or Monday, send a note to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com with the subject “Irrigation”, and let me know which days you can help. It will be much appreciated, and you might learn a bit about installing a permanent irrigation system.
Speaking of Irrigation, there are a few openings left in the Irrigation class to be held June 17th, 9am, at the Demonstration Garden (6801 SE 60th). If you want to come, send “I want to be a drip” to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com and we’ll acknowledge your spot in the class, or put you on the waiting list if it fills.