Our annual Master Gardener training has three educational components. In-person classes, online classes, and hands-on workshops. Veteran Master Gardeners can earn recertification credit in all components. 10 hours of recertification are required for Veteran Master Gardeners each year.

In-person classes where a new crop of Master Gardener interns are trained, mean that veterans can brush up on their skills for this year. The syllabus outlines class topics and objectives. The 2018 training starts in February. If you go, be sure to sign in on the veterans log, and consider offering your help to the volunteers at the site. This is also an opportunity to meet and encourage trainees - folks who we hope will join our Chapter.

Online classes are open to all Master Gardeners who are in current standing (you have submitted your volunteer hours, recertification hours and have signed and submitted the annual Conditions of service and position description forms to the Metro MG program office). There will be 13 on-line modules available. You can receive 2-hours of recertification credit for each module that you complete (including a quiz). Look for information about the on-line course offerings in the Metro Master Gardener newsletter.

Hands-on workshops are a welcomed addition to our on-going education. Over 20 hands-on workshops will be offered in the Metro area from March through September. A portion of slots will be reserved for Veteran Master Gardeners. Be sure to read your Metro Master Gardener newsletter for the workshop schedule and learn how to register to reserve a workshop space.

Additional recertification opportunities beyond those listed above are being offered. Veterans can earn recertification by attending approved Speaker Series, Chapter meetings and other gardening seminars, or by taking a final exam that will be available online. Look for approved recertification presentations and events in monthly Metro Master Gardener newsletters. Check to see if one of the upcoming Speaker Series events qualifies for recertification here.