Why are we here?

No, I'm not asking existential questions. I mean, what is this page about? Your diligent website committee has concluded that the Multnomah Master Gardeners need a blog. Actually two blogs! You'll find another one in the Demonstration Garden area, where you'll find reports on the progress of the garden throughout the (long) growing season.

This blog (by the way, "blog" is a contraction of "web log". That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) is intended to cover the much wider world of Master Gardeners, with vignettes that, hopefully, will appeal to visitors as well as members of our chapter.  That is the reason it is reachable from the main (Home) page rather than being part of Chapter News.

Here's the deal, though. We can't go on making up stuff for this thing ourselves. We need to find some writers out there! Ah Ha! I caught you saying, "Yeah, I can write, but I don't know anything about websites!" Nice try! It is so easy to add a blog entry that even you (yeah, you!) can do it!

Here's how: Write an email. Make the subject line be the proposed Title of your blog entry. Make the body be the proposed body of your blog. We'll give you a destination email address. Send it, and it shows up! Easy peasy! You're hired! Start writing!