Seeds or Starts?

Every year the same question: should I plant seeds directly or should I grow (or buy) starts and transplant them. Each year I weigh the pluses and minuses, and somehow each year the answer comes out different! Shouldn’t there be one right answer?

I conclude that it is me that is the variable. Some years I’m energetic, others I’m...not. Some years I have time, others I’m swamped. This year is coming out somewhere in the middle. I’m eyeing the Incredible Edible sale for a number of herbs I’ve never planted before. Starts seem to give me a better chance at success in situations like that. Given I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten any tomato or pepper seeds into pots, I’ll look through the amazing options that the sale offers for those as well.

On the other hand, I decided to plant lots of beans and squash this year, and seeds are easy for those. I got a new seeder which should roll nicely along the ground, dropping seed at the right intervals and depth, and even covering them with dirt. I’ve discovered as I get older that any option that keeps me off my hands and knees is welcome!

Whatever your choice, I wish you good gardening this year! (and maybe I’ll see you at the Incredible Edible Sale!)