So what is a Guru?

No, the garden guru does not sit with crossed-legs humming "om". At the Demo Garden, the garden guru of the day is a volunteer who agrees to arrive a little early that day, set out the task list, offer suggestions when questions come up, and document the work we accomplish. There are plenty of gardeners with copious experience to provide technical answers. The guru need not provide them, but just connect the questioner with a good source of answers. Offering to be one of the rotating gurus is simply an offer to take on more work, and thankfully folks do it!


More about the Demo Garden

There are a number of documents that provide more details about our demonstration garden, ranging from history, to policies, to production records. There is written orientation to the garden detailing what is expected of volunteers and how they can best help. Follow these links to further information and downloadable files.

  • DG Orientation
  • Mission Statement
  • Food handling
  • Planning meeting explanation
  • Budget info
  • Images - mostly drawings