Demo Garden Production over the years


The Multnomah County Master Gardener Demonstration Garden has 26 garden beds at the moment, providing almost 2000 square feet of healthy soil to grow fruits and vegetables.

Each year a volunteer takes responsibility for one (or more) of those beds, planning what to plant and when. Besides growing food to donate to food banks, we ask questions and seek the answers from our plants. Do grafted tomatoes outproduce non-grafted? (Yes!) Does a reservoir-based container outproduce hand watering? (Yes!)  Come work with us, ask your questions of the plants, and learn what you can.

More about the Demo Garden

There are a number of documents that provide more details about our demonstration garden, ranging from history, to policies, to production records. There is written orientation to the garden detailing what is expected of volunteers and how they can best help. Follow these links to further information and downloadable files.


  • DG Orientation
  • Mission Statement
  • Food handling
  • Planning meeting explanation
  • Budget info
  • Images - mostly drawings