Getting Ready to Wattle!

The first workday of 2015 had 9 Master Gardeners, 1 Spouse, and 1 soon-to-be Master Gardener spending the morning in the country, cutting down Alder saplings to weave into a wattle border around Bed N at the Demonstration Garden. As fate would have it, the saplings were at the bottom of a steep path. Going down was easy. Coming up called for stopping once or twice to "enjoy the view".

The heroic effort of cutting and carrying was topped off in typical MG style with delicious food and beverages in the "warming hut", a 24' yurt on the property. Our timing was great, leaving just as the sky opened with rain.

Last year, Bed M was bordered with wattle using 4' Apple cuttings. The Alder was sought because of its longer length with minimal change in diameter. Look for another post after Bed N has its new border!