Over 2500 pounds! A Record!

It has been a good year for gardening! The spring weather welcomed early planting, and the many hot days contributed to early maturing of many vegetables. Still, we didn't expect such a difference! 

The Demonstration Garden grew almost 2700 pounds of vegetables, and donated 2557 pounds to our local food destinations, the SUN program at Kelly Elementary, and Meals on Wheels. In addition, we have been attracting other donations that we have delivered. Over 1000 pounds came from PSU, 225 pounds from the BUFA program, and 350 pounds from other sources, mostly Master Gardeners donating from their own gardens. Our total deliveries amounted to 4144 pounds. The two programs told us we definitely make a difference. Its a good feeling.

Perhaps even more remarkable, over 100 different people came to work in the garden this year. We've had many days when we've finished our tasks early, and historically that hasn't happened often. Also, many of this year's trainees have chosen not just to visit the garden, but to return week after week. This interest is a big part of what makes the demo garden crew optimistic about our ability to open an expansion garden at the Learning Gardens site.

The new area we are requesting is on Portland Parks & Recreation land, where we can offer classes and workshops. It is approximately twice the size of our existing garden, which will allow room for ornamental gardening, native plants, pollinator patches, shade gardens and more in addition to vegetable gardening. Our chapter has many folks who are interested in more than just vegies! Watch for more information on this as our efforts proceed.