Our First Day in the Demo Garden

What a fantastic way to start the gardening season!  Eighteen MGs turned out this morning to get things rolling.  Two groups worked outside, one building the new cedar bed borders for Beds L and P, while the other group installed a wattle border around Bed N to match the one built last season around Bed M.  The weather was overcast but comfortably warm and not in the least rainy.  In the greenhouse yet another crew started seeds for lettuces, kale and green onions, made newspaper pots for starting parsley and cilantro and seed tape for radishes and spinach to be sown in the coming weeks.  

Covering the beds with either plastic or burlap bags in November was a great help in keeping the soil in the beds from being too wet to work this early in the season.  Workdays for the rest of February will be on Thursdays, Feb. 12, 19 and 26 from 9am to noon.  Please join us when you can and become a part of this great effort to support sustainable gardening practices in the Portland metropolitan area.  Next week we will be continuing the installation of bed borders, making seed tapes and sowing seeds, so we'd love to have you share in the fun.  For those who have not been there, the garden is located at 6801 SE 60th Ave. across from Brentwood Park.

Two new beds.jpg