Plants Grow on Saturdays, Too!

After a not-so-subtle nudge from the Saturday Master Gardener Training Class, the crew at the Demonstration Garden has decided to open the garden for work on some Saturdays. The first two Saturday workdays will be April 18th, and May 9th. More Saturdays will be announced soon, but we need to line up "garden gurus" - folks willing to lead the garden work for the day - and to make sure there are enough veterans available to help new volunteers learn their way around.

Last year we ran several Saturday workdays, but got very few workers to join us. Some of the crew are a little dubious, but several of this year's trainees made the point that they had already attended a long series of full day Saturday classes, and for many of them, the weekend is the only time they have available to volunteer. OK! Let's make it work!

We'll be open from 9am until noon, April 18th and May 9th, with more Saturdays coming. Come out and join us! The garden is at 6801 se 60th Ave, across from the Brentwood Park. See you there!