Sharpen your secateurs! It's time to harvest!

The race is on… and we’re behind!

The annual race to harvest the most food from the demonstration garden is on. Last year, at the end of June, we had harvested 647 pounds of food to share with Meals on Wheels and the Kelly School SUN program. This year our total is 563 pounds. We’re 84 pounds behind!

Of course, last year was our all-time record, so maybe we shouldn’t feel too bad. Reviewing our harvest charts from last year, both cucumbers and some squash were harvested in the last week of June, and those guys are heavy.

We’re not giving up the race, though. We’ve got lots of good looking squash that will be ready soon, and of course tomatoes will begin to ripen during July. Check back next month to see if we’re catching up. A new record would be fun for us gardeners, and great for the places where we donate this good food!