Harvesting Continues

           In the Demo Garden, 11 Master Gardeners set aside their top layers of warm clothing as it became surprisingly hot and humid in the sunshine. Harvest continued, along with removal of spent plants in some of the beds. We sowed Monida oats in Beds M and N, the next step in our fight against symphylans, the tiny “garden centipedes” that feast on root hairs and destroy crops. Almost 17 pounds of winter squash boosted our harvest totals, but tomatoes still ranked the highest at more than 18 pounds. In all, we harvested 50 pounds of produce, and, with BUFA and MG contributions, we were able to donate 106 pounds to Kelly School and Meals on Wheels.
            Come join us any Monday or Thursday from 9:00 until about noon, 6801 SE 60th Avenue, Portland, across from Brentwood Park.
Happy cider season!
June Davidek, garden guru