A beautiful day in the garden

Thursday turned out to be another beautiful, sunny fall day. As the temperature rose from a bit chilly to pleasantly warm, 18 gardeners (17 MGs and one visitor) accomplished many tasks in the Demo Garden, greenhouse, and Annex. For our donation to Meals on Wheels, ripened tomatoes harvested and weighed earlier and a generous donation of parsnips supplemented our tiny one-pound harvest of figs, beets and sage.

 Gardeners continued winterizing beds with leaves and burlap and sowed more Austrian peas and Morida oats in bare spots in beds with cover crops. Most beds now are winterized. Gardeners continued cleaning and organizing the shed and locker, inventorying seeds, washing watering cans and pots, and pulling weeds.

Special note to Fred Meyer shoppers:

For those MGs who have a Fred Meyer Rewards card that is linked to Multnomah County Master Gardeners, please check to be sure the link is still in force. Some time ago, Fred Meyer cleared all its links and asked people to re-enroll. If you didn't do this, your purchases may no longer be benefitting the chapter. To check, please go to https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4 . In the section headed 'Are you a Fred Meyer Customer?' there is a link that says 'Re-enroll or link your rewards card now.'  Click on this link and follow the directions for linking your card. The number for Multnomah County Master Gardeners is 89982. If you don't currently have a FM Rewards card, please consider getting one. Linking your card to the Chapter does not in any way affect the other benefits you receive from having it. Many thanks for sharing with the Chapter.

Monday, November 6, will be our last official work day in the demo garden this year. On November 16 we will have our annual end-of-gardening-season gathering at the Deli to re-cap the season, share what we've learned, and celebrate our successes.

Come join our final work days to help the Annex take shape and put the Demo Garden to bed, Oct. 30, Nov. 2, and Nov. 6, from 9:00 until about noon, 6801 SE 60th Avenue, Portland, across from Brentwood Park.


June Davidek, garden guru for October 26, 2017