A Soggy Day


Wow!  What a gorgeous day at the garden.  After such a soggy weekend, 11 MGs came out to enjoy the sunshine.  Since we had only a tiny harvest, we saved it to deliver on Thursday.  Almost all the beds in the original Demo Garden are ready for winter.  A group of MGs got Bed L ready for sowing a cover crop by removing the top layer of soil which has had a perpetual moss cover all season, adding lime and ‘Stinky Bull’ (composted dairy manure.)  Then they sowed both Austrian peas and crimson clover and covered the bed with row cover to help keep our friendly crows from eating all the seeds.  We’re waiting for a load of leaves with which we can mulch the remaining beds.

The cane berries were pruned during a rather soggy, but very effective pruning class on Saturday, October 21.  


A very nice pair of secateurs turned up during the cane berry pruning on Saturday.    If these belong to you, please come get them.  Otherwise, we will happily add them to the collection of Demo Garden tools.


Enjoy this week of lovely weather.