Cool & Cloudy

Ten Master Gardeners showed up at the Demo Garden today – it was a little cool and cloudy at 9:00 AM but the sun was out by noon! We harvested almost 120 pounds (79 pounds of that were butternut squash from Bed A!) and donated 134 pounds when Master Gardener donations were added in. Beans, chard, kale, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers rounded out the harvest. We have also started removing plants and trellises from some beds so we can begin winterizing them (covering with leaves and burlap or sowing winter cover crops).

The total harvest from the Demo Garden from March to the present (10/2/17) is 2,032 pounds; of that, 1,956 pounds were given to charities.  When donations from BUFA (62 lbs) and MGs’ personal gardens (274 lbs) are included, our donation total is 2,292 pounds to date.