The Demonstration Garden Awakens!

After what seems only like a short nap, volunteers will be at the demo garden again next Monday morning, and every Monday morning after until next November. Starting in March, we’ll be there on Thursday mornings as well. There is lots to do - maybe this is your season to join the crew.

On Monday, February 5th, we’ll be working in the greenhouse, building seed pots, filling them with Seedling Mix, and planting a variety of vegie seeds. Lettuce,  collards, chard, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, dill, kale, and scallions will be planted, and that’s just the first day!

Bed Designers have their schedules submitted so that the Master Schedule will be ready at that time.  The seed coordinator has seed requests and will be purchase seeds we need before that date.  Progress continues on the Annex.  Plants have been ordered from one of the SWCDs.  Pete is still working on the commitment from the nursing home to donate the greenhouse they own to the Annex.  Some of the Demo Garden regulars will conduct one of the Trainee Workshops on Propagation on Tuesday, April 17 from 10am-3pm. 

The next week we’ll build more newspaper pots, plant more seeds, put up trellises and the hoop house. We’ll concentrate on the main garden for a few workdays, partly to make sure it is started well, and partly because the Annex is still a bit muddy. Soon, however, construction work on paths and then raised beds will start at the Annex, as well ask tasks supporting the perennial bed designers.

If you’re interested in learning to build rugged, long-lasting wooden raised beds, watch DemoGardenNews for an announcement of a hands-on class where you can learn the simple techniques that make these nice beds so popular.