The work begins

Are you considering building raised beds for your garden? Could you use a few tips on construction? The Demo Garden will hold a hands-on class on building raised beds Saturday, March 10th, from 10am until noon. We’ll concentrate on wooden beds, but will talk about other techniques as well. As part of the process, we’ll build the first few raised beds for the new Annex garden. Use the 57th or 58th Avenue entrances, or the original entrance at 6801 SE 60th (a longer walk back to the Annex). Gloves might be handy, but otherwise just bring your hands and your brain. The general public is welcome. Send a note to if you plan to come.

Work in the original garden continues. By next Monday, some of the seedlings will probably be ready to be moved into larger pots, and there are more new seeds to be started. We’ll be putting up trellises, cleaning up beds, and soon there will be actual plants in the ground!

Things are still looking good for moving our new greenhouse from Vancouver to the Annex in April. There are still a few hurdles to jump through with the city permit folks, and as part of that process, we really need a structural engineer. If you are one, or know one, especially one who owes you a favor, you could earn many pats on the back from your fellow Master Gardener friends!