2018 work begins in the Demo Garden

This next week marks the start of Monday and Thursday workdays at the Demo Garden. We’ll be working our usual 9am until noon, and hope you’ll join us when you have time. We are working to improve the way we welcome new folks, so test us out! We’re getting the beds ready for planting now (mixing in new compost, reinstalling the irrigation lines, setting up trellises where needed), and indoors we continue to plant new seeds and care for those coming along nicely.

A reminder that our first “class” offered at the Annex will be on Building Raised Beds, offered Saturday, March 10th from 10am until noon. The current weather report (I know, a long way off) is for 57 degrees and cloudy, and about the same for the day before and after. Hoping… If you’d like to come, send a note to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com - its open to the public.