Interested in Saturday work?

If you’d like to work on a Saturday morning, 9am-noon, send an email to by Thursday noon and we’ll find an Annex Guru to open the gates and suggest tasks that need doing.  We have to admit some worries over this. In past years we’ve heard request for Saturday hours, but when we opened the garden, very few (sometimes zero) people came. The difference this time is that someone needs to request a specific Saturday. If its requested and we have a guru, we’ll send a note via the DemoGardenNews listserv.  The power of the internet at work!

You may have noticed that the weather has been chilly. When the seedlings we plant in the greenhouse are chilly, they refuse to grow. This really plays havoc with our schedules. Over the next few workdays, we hope many of these seedlings will be ready to transplant to larger pots, and in some cases, those already in larger pots will be ready to go out in the garden. We’ve had a couple warm days, and are hoping for more. The soil temperature has to be right, or the transplanted seedlings will just sit there and rot. We want those plants in the ground! Come on, sun!