Fixing the path borders at the Annex

The recycled plastic board we used as borders for the major Annex paths has worked well, but it was difficult to make smooth curves before the gravel was on the inside and more dirt on the outside. With the paths now complete and compacted, there are many places where the paths bow outward. The fix is easy, and is illustrated below.

The first image shows a bow on the left side of the path. Not exactly pretty. The first thing we do, if necessary, is to put soil on the outside of the path at that point.

The next step is to use a narrow blade (here a pry bar), push it into the ground against the border on the outside, and pry the border into alignment. With a long handled tool this is an easy operation. While holding the border in its new position, step firmly on the newly placed soil dot compact it against the border in this new location.

The result may not be perfect, but it is a considerable improvement! When you’re at the Annex, have a try at fixing a few wobbles. It is easy work, and amazingly satisfying!