Trees are nice, unless they are shading your vegies!

There are a number of large trees at the new Annex, and they do cast a shadow. We were interested in just where those shadows were. Our little project starts from the premise that most vegies can be successful with 8 hours of sun for four months. Some need a little less. We figured that the shadows on April 21st - two months before the summer solstice - would only get shorter until June 21st, then lengthen to the same spot on August 21st, four months later.

If we could map how the shadows moved on April 21st (approximately), we could say that the sections that had eight hours of sun then, would definitely have it for all four months (baring rain). We started Friday, April 20th, at 9am, and got a great shot of the garden (above). As you can see, the two largest areas planned for raised beds are in full sun, but the central planting area is in shadow.

Alas the sky clouded over by afternoon, but later shots will give us a good approximation for the sun’s path. It appears the area where we plan the major two rows of raised beds will get plenty of sun. The middle section, just west of the outdoor classroom, will get 7 hours for about one month, and 8 hours for the other three months. We have yet to work out the approximate times for the various perennial beds.