Spring 2019 Is Coming!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will start the new year in the Demo Garden and Annex on Monday, February 4, from 9am to about noon.  There are seedlings to sow, seed tapes to make, and newspaper pots to make in the greenhouse as well as paths to work on in the Annex, blueberries to prune and beds to weed and mulch at the original DG.  The demonstration garden crew will be planting seeds (indoors, in greenhouse 5) to start veggies for our gardens and to start flowers for sale at the Incredible Edible sale in May. A few of us will venture outdoors to continue the work at the new, one acre garden known as the Annex.

Between the two gardens we have 40 raised beds! In addition, there are about a dozen perennial beds at the Annex, many of which will be planted this spring for the first time. The hardscape of the Annex is nearly complete, but there are a number of tasks remaining. 

We heard a rumor that the weatherman is predicting possible snow for Monday, but we're going to pretend he didn’t say that.  Unless the roads are really treacherous and we can’t get out at all, we’ll be there by 9am.  Hope you can make it too.  These garden spaces belong to everyone in the Chapter and they are definitely worth a big smile of pride. Do come and join us.  It's worth the trip just to see all the progress that has been made in the Annex.  The garden address is 6801 SE 60th Avenue.  Access to the Annex is through the gate across from 6615 SE 57th Avenue.  Just park on the street on 57th.  

            The Demo Garden Crew