Finally Down to Real Gardening!

Alright, we’ve fooled around in the cold and the snow for a month of Thursdays, but now it’s time to get down to real gardening! First, though, a problem: We have a visitor in the old greenhouse, and s/he is destroying our seedlings. Probably a rat, but thus far only seen as the result of damage done. This Monday, some of us are going to postpone getting our fingers in the dirt to build some hardware cloth covers to go over the seedling trays. This will require cutting and assembling PVC frames, and using zip ties to attach hardware cloth to them. Help is requested!

Once we are past the emergency, we need to start getting the many raised beds (40 between the two gardens!) ready for planting. For some it just means removing the burlap bags (and their weights). For others with a cover crop, it means turning the crop under so it can decay a bit before planting time.

In the Annex, we still have some hardscape to complete. The paths at the East end need finishing, and the newly build raised beds need weed cloth covered with fir chips between them to smother the weeds and improve their appearance. Many of the perennial beds will need planting for the first time - a big job needing a crew of helpers.

From now through October, we’ll be working both Mondays and Thursdays from 9am until noon. In addition, we’re going to be working on the 3rd Saturday of every month starting May 18th and running through October. Hopefully some of you with weekday obligations (hmmm. work?) can join us then. Also, if you’re a new gardener to the Demonstration Garden, we’re having an open house on April 6th.  Show up (6801 SE 60th Ave) at 10am. We’ll spend an hour introducing you to what we do, an hour getting some real work done, and then we’ll feed you! A couple hours of partner time and free food! How bad can that be?