Learn about the Demo Garden

DG sign at gate.jpg

An opportunity is coming for those of you who are wondering about the Demonstration Garden, but haven’t visited. On Saturday, April 6th, there will be an Open House, or maybe an "Orientation and Hands-On Project Day" at the Demo Garden. It starts at 10am, with introductions and tours, at 11am you’ll be able to do a little work and, if your an MG, count this as a “Chapter Event”, and after that is a free lunch! Yeah, we’re trying to draw you in, but only because we think it’s a great place to garden and make friends. You know I wouldn’t lie to you! If you think you’ll come, send and email to 6895.bennett@gmail.com so we’ll know how many lunches to prepare, then show up at 6801 SE 60th Avenue at 10am, April 6th.

There are “issues” with having two gardens, even if only a 5 minute walk apart. The wagon, when needed, always seems to be at the other garden. Likewise the broadfork, the weed whip, and other tools. The hoop house, for hardening off seedlings, is not exactly satisfying, and is only at the original garden. We’re considering buying a couple micro greenhouses (cloth over a metal frame) to put beside the Annex shed for storing plants until ready for the ground. Come by and help assemble a test unit loaned by an MG, and cast your vote for its usefulness.

Discussions are beginning regarding signage for the Annex. When we designed the sign for the original garden, it only took 2 or 3 years, or maybe it only seemed that long. Lots of opinions. Send your thoughts to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com to keep the conversation going! We’ve put up an existing banner as a temporary sign (see below)