A Great Open House

I know this newsletter is about what’s ABOUT to happen at the Demonstration Garden, but I’ve got to say that some of you missed a great open house a week ago. It was designed for folks who had never been to the Demo Garden, or felt they could use a better understanding of what we do and how we do it. Everyone I’ve talked to said it worked a treat! On top of that we had a huge group of folks helping with the work for a good hour. It is amazing how much can be done with a crew of 25+ folks in each garden!

The next event worth note at the Demo Garden will be a pair of workshops on Propagation. Attendees will learn how to make more of their favorite plants without visiting (and paying) a nursery. Last I heard the slots were full, but there was no one on the waiting list. If you’re an MG and interested, check with the Master Gardener program office about getting on the waiting list.

The many raised beds at both gardens are being planted every work day (Monday and Thursday mornings), but there will be a major planting right after the Incredible Edible sale on May 11th. We buy many of our starts from there - good quality plants at good prices! That will fit well with our 1st Saturday workday on May 18th, the usual 9am-noon. Its a chance for those of you with that nasty work habit to come out and play. We’ll be open every third Saturday through the rest of the season. If it works out well (translation: if folks show up!), we may do two Saturdays a month next year.

We’ve got another gig planned on July 20th. Mt. Scott Fuel is celebrating 100 years in business, and asked us to (wo)man a booth there. We’ll probably do a clinic as MGs do at Farmers Markets - come stump the MGs with your gardening questions. I’m not sure what all they have planned, but you might want to stop by.

Finally, I wanted you all to know that we’ve discovered a use for Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus). First you cut them down! Then you wait. The following spring, you may be surprised!

Cropped ailanthus w shrooms.jpg