Your volunteer MG board has been reviewing our bylaws and will be bringing two proposed Bylaw changes to our membership at the November 27th Chapter meeting for your consideration and approval.  Both of these changes put in writing those practices that have proven to work well with our organization in terms of transparency, accountability and participation in selection of our board members. 


Article II.  Organization

2.  The President shall … be responsible for … 3) ensuring that a financial audit (change to- review) review is undertaken each year (change to- at least every other year)

Why are we proposing this change?

The board has not pursued a formal financial audit for a number of years.  There has been a hesitation in terms of the financial burden a formal audit would represent.  It is not unusual for an independent audit to cost $10,000 or more, even for a small nonprofit.  We are committed to financial transparency and accountability, and the Board has confidence this can be achieved through a thorough internal financial review.  During this past year, a Financial Review ad hoc committee designed and conducted a review of MCMGA 2017 financial records.  The goal was to provide information about the accuracy of Chapter financial reporting.  Based on its review, the Committee’s opinion was that Chapter financial records have been well kept and that financial reports based on those records are accurate. 


Article IV.  Voting and Elections

4.  Election of officers will by nominations in September (change to- October), followed by election by majority vote in October (change to- November), and installation in January.  Nominations shall be accepted via a nominations committee appointed by the President.  At the September (change to- October) Chapter meeting nominations will also be accepted from any active member, either from the floor or in writing. 

Why are we proposing this change?

This change reflects the way the Chapter has functioned for several years.  October has proven to be a better time to collect nominations, as September is still a busy harvesting month.  Many of us are busy in our gardens and not thinking about the joyful possibilities of serving the Chapter in a board capacity.  Elections in November give us plenty of time to plan for a smooth transition to a new set of officers in January.

Questions or comments?  Please email Corinne Thomas-Kersting