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Upcoming activities of the Multnomah Chapter

October Speaker Series- Tuesday, October 9th 7:00pm- Tabor Space, 5441 Belmont Street, Portland. An Introduction to Soil Health, Cory Owens, Natural Resources Conservation Service, State Soil Scientist and Soil Health Coordinator

Harvest Potluck Pictures

Awards & Recognition

Treasurer Needed

Demo Garden News

Explanation of proposed changes to the Bylaws

Volunteers Needed- It’s Multnomah County’s turn to host the OMGA Board Meeting on November 2nd & 3rd.

Recertification Day is November 10th- a stellar lineup is forming. Mark your calendars!

November Speaker Series

The Filing Cabinet

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Board Meeting Minutes - Most recent on the top

How to Communicate with your fellow MGs

Officers and Committee Chairs

2018 Chapter Speaker Series

Our Chapter Bylaws

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Chapter History of Awards