November 13th is Election Night for the Chapter!

Arrive at 6:30pm to cast your vote!

It’s time for us to elect the MGs who will guide and encourage the Chapter’s 2019 activities. Arrive early and cast your vote!

Please come to the Chapter meeting on Tuesday, November 13 prepared to vote for a slate of officers for 2019. All dues paying chapter members will get a ballot. Please consider these people who have agreed to serve in chapter offices for the next year. 


The 2019 Slate of Candidates

Offered for approval by the Board. To be voted on by membership on November 13.

President: Jack Lazareck

Vice President: Stephanie Pringle

Treasurer: Linda Kenney

Secretary: Jo Ann Klooz / Cynthia Chase (co-chairs)

OMGA Rep: Marilyn Frankel (2nd yr OMGA rep)

OMGA Rep Alt: Lucy Keating

Officers Appointed by the President:

2019 Historian: Eddie Rosen / Robert Medley (co-chairs)

2019 Past President: Corinne Thomas-Kersting