We’re done. OK, almost done. All the food we’ve grown has been harvested and delivered. 3100+ pounds of it, overwhelming our old record. As a person who volunteered mostly at the annex this year, I’m glad to report that the 5 beds we had put in service last spring contributed 627 pounds to that total for the year. Since then we’ve built 6 more beds, and plan to finish 4 more before winter freezes us out. With 15 beds plus an experimental dry farming area at the annex, we hope to push our total food contribution even higher next year.

The original garden is asleep for the winter, and the old greenhouse and shed are as spiffed up as their age will allow. The troops are still doing last minute work at the annex, building the last few vegie beds, completing the gravel pathway, and covering weedy areas with cardboard and mulch to prepare them for spring planting. Our latest load of free mulch from Honl (thanks!) included a bonus: a 3’ log and two chainsaws! The chainsaws have been returned, and the log, mostly hollow, is being appraised for what use it might be put to.

Spring will be a very busy season at the annex. Actually, as early as February we’ll be planting caneberries in three of the new beds, and blueberries on the south edge of the garden. A little later we’ll be planting the Beneficial Meadow, the Herb Garden, the Children’s Garden, and the Fleur de Lawn. What a difference it will make in how the already beautiful garden looks a year from now!

There remains that small item called a greenhouse. Our estimates have been turned over to the board for consideration in the 2019 budget. Those of us working at the Demonstration Garden very much hope the board will approve the proposal, and that all MGs will approve the budget at the January chapter meeting. Although the numbers are huge, it is perhaps worth noting that the money to assemble the greenhouse was included in last year’s budget, but was not spent. We are proposing that this funding be available for us again in 2019. The January meeting will be an important one for the Demo Garden and the Chapter as a whole. Be there!