The Metro Liaison Committee

A committee of representatives from the Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County Master Gardener chapters meets with the Metro area staff occasionally to share information from each chapter and to get updates from Metro staff. The group meets about eight times a year, including an open advisory forum for all area MGs usually in July. The Multnomah County representatives to the Liaison Committee were appointed by the chapter President. Current liaisons are Jack Lazareck and Rich Becker. 

Some highlights from the November meeting include:

- Fall Recertification: This year's meeting was reviewed. Feedback seemed positive. Attendance was approximately 300 people. Next year's Recertification may take place in Multnomah County possibly at PCC in SE Portland or Reed College. Plans call for splitting the costs of a venue, coffee, and snacks among the three chapters on an annual basis.

Plant Sale Guidelines: New clear guidelines to reduce the spread of invasive microorganisms at plant sales have been released from Gail Langellotto's office. Plant Swaps and Dig and Divide plant sales are not considered good practices. Caution should be exhibited in accepting donated plants.

Preview of 2019 training: Registration is underway, training will begin in February. New instructors will include Heather Stoven on weeds, Sally Campbell on plant diagnostics, and Rachel Suits on insects. The Tuesday Washington county class will be moved to the Hillsboro United Methodist Church.

2019 Workshops: Workshops will again be offered by Monica Maggio, Jen Aron, Jane Collier, and Margaret Bayne. Registration will be offered to trainees first, then veterans. Sandy Japely will offer a new workshop on making effective garden presentations. 

Scholarships and Fellowships: Applications for these will be reviewed on December 7. 

Retention of MGs: Language has been added to the applications for training that emphasizes the commitment to service and volunteer hours. The attrition rate has been fairly consistent through the years. Discussion touched on offering  volunteer hours that meet with family and work schedules. 

If you have input or questions for our local representatives, contact Jack or Rich directly.

Thank you,

Jack Lazareck