The Metro Liaison Committee

A committee of representatives from the Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County Master Gardener chapters meets with the Metro area Master Gardener staff periodically to share information from each chapter and to get updates from Metro staff. The group meets about eight times a year, including an open advisory forum for all area MGs usually in July. The Multnomah County representatives to the Liaison Committee were appointed by the chapter President. Current liaisons are Jack Lazareck and Rich Becker.  Weston kicked off the first Metro Liaison Meeting of 2019 on Tuesday, January 8th. The next meeting is on June 11th – training, workshops, and chapter sales events preclude much activity until then. 

Some highlights from the January meeting include:

Welcoming Janet to the MG Program team: Weston introduced Janet Hohman, the new Administrative Program Assistant to help cover Cervis, Canvas, online registrations, as well as training class support both in class, and remotely to help promote her role as the intern’s remote support for the various web systems.  Great news that she’s on board! 

Training: Registration is ahead of last year with a registration rate likely to fill most of the open slots! We have some new instructors including: Heather Stoven from Yamhill Co. (week 4 – Weed Management), Rachael Suits from Hood River (week 2 – Entomology), plus our very own Sally Campbell (week 4 – Plant Problem Diagnosis).  Others changes include:

  • Washington County class is being held at the United Methodist Church in Hillsboro this year.

  • The required number of volunteers hours for incoming Interns has been reduced to 50 hours, per recommendation from the state program leader Gail Langellotto.

  • A $75 re-registration tuition will be accessed for those out-of-state MGs , or long-time absence vets who want to be re-activate their status as a current, recertified Master Gardener.

  • Interns will be given first shot at signing up for workshops and will be given a bit more time this year before the vets can sign up to help with some overcrowding issues.  

  • Signup for workshops is being moved to Cervis to help resolve some of the issues with the previous OSU registration system. OSU Ag. Dept. approval and support has been obtained for this ambitious and exciting project!  Next steps include OSU bringing this to Salem for future funding with OSU’s promotion.  Weston provided a bit of a teaser of the upcoming “proof-of-concept” system that will be provided to a future support group for feedback. The tasks of securing funding and flushing out the content still lie ahead.

Counties: Washington County is making an effort to reinvent their fundraiser by including regional partners like Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District in their event.  We will likely be looking to do something like this for the IE Sale, and are open to suggestions and people who may wish to help me make contacts.  This could be a great way to further improve the public outreach and educational components of the event. Please contact with any input or suggestions!  

Finally, there was a discussion regarding changes in OMG logos & trademarks that was discovered while Washington County was developing new signage for the PCC Rock Creek site.  This is a great reminder for us to not develop new signage or posters without running it by the program for approval first!

If you have input or questions for our local representatives, contact Jack or Rich directly.

Thank you,

Rich Becker