Announcing the new Mission Statement for the Multnomah County Master Gardeners!

Our chapter has never had a Mission Statement and several board members came to believe a clear statement might be a tool to help decide how to best use our limited time, energy, and funds.

A diverse group of twenty MGs took part in a four-hour Mission Statement writing Retreat on the afternoon of Sunday, March 10. At that time, during a facilitated session, four different drafts of potential Mission Statements were developed by small groups. The groups focused on the important Whos, the Whats, and the Whys of the Chapter.

Following that experience, a group of thoughtful wordsmiths examined, analyzed, discussed, and deliberated. They took the four separate drafts and massaged them into a proposed Mission Statement. Thanks to all who took the time and shared their energy in participating in the process. Extra thanks to Eleanor Burke, Susanne Cavicchi, Claudia Groth, Dave Owen, Stephanie Pringle, and Corinne Thomas-Kersting who produced the final document.

The Statement was presented to the Board of Directors on Tuesday, March 26. The Board examined and discussed the Statement. After some deliberation, the Board adopted the following as the Mission Statement for the Multnomah County Master Gardeners:

          Multnomah County Master Gardeners™

     Growing, educating and connecting communities. 

We share research-based knowledge with the public to promote sustainable gardening practices.  Our work supports and enhances the Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener Program.