Attention all Multnomah County Master Gardeners!

April 30 is the deadline to nominate Master Gardeners for the following annual awards.  

Please take a moment to think of those that made our group effective, efficient, and fun in 2018—ideally people who have served the Chapter in a variety of ways-- and nominate them in the following categories: 

Outstanding County Master Gardener of the Year: recognizes outstanding dedication and service of a perennial master gardener for outstanding volunteer efforts on behalf of Multnomah County.  This could be innovating or initiating a  Chapter activity, participating in ongoing committees, serving in a leadership capacity, or helping out in any other substantial way.  Think of members who have served over some time, perhaps in a variety of ways, rather than only via a one-time event or single office.   

Behind-the-Scenes Master Gardener of the Year:  This award is presented to an OSU Master Gardener™ who works quietly and unselfishly behind the scenes to further the OSU Master Gardener™ Program on the County level.    

Nominees for both of these awards must be perennial Master Gardeners who are current with their recertification and payback requirements.

In addition, our chapter can recognize outside individuals, groups or businesses who have supported the Multnomah Master Gardener Chapter in some special way (by their personal efforts, contributions, etc.).  If there is such a person or group that you think we should honor with a special certificate, nominate them! 

Do you have ideas for nominations?  Contact John Jordan, awards chairperson, at 503-206-7914 or