Save the Date!

Saturday, June 15th for NE Gardens


Share Your Garden 2019 Tours!

Several of our fellow Master Gardeners are opening their gardens in NE neighborhoods for you to informally tour and enjoy!  You will be able to visit a variety of gardens, some featuring food production and some featuring landscaping delights.  This will be a relaxed and fun time to share gardening ideas and inspiration! The NE gardens for this event are fairly close together, so you will be able to easily visit all of them if you wish. 

We invite you to think about sharing your garden on this or another date that is convenient to you.  Are there other Master Gardeners in your vicinity who would like to open their gardens as well?  

If you are wondering… Is my garden good enough?  

YES!! A garden is always a pleasure to enjoy and it is often even more interesting to see the process in the works.  At all times, gardens are a place of dynamic change and beauty!

More details on the vegetable and landscaped gardens, along with addresses and specific times, will be in the May eNews and also sent out via Chapter email prior to the Open Garden date. If you have questions or are interested in hosting a garden on this or another date that is convenient for you, please email