We had a successful Open House despite the wet, cold weather! Thank you for coming!

We had an excellent turn out with 39 new gardeners attending (30 Interns, 9 Perennial MGs) joined by 19 regular Demo Garden MGs to lead all the events.  

We divided everyone into 2 groups to tour both the demo garden & annex and perform tasks at both locations.  We planted out a 22' X 4' bed in square foot style in the DG,  planted perennials in 2 areas, veggies in 2 beds, built hoops over 2 beds, mulched the "dry bed farming area", etc. in the annex.  We accomplished a lot of work in a short period of time. It is amazing how much can be done with a crew of 25 folks in each garden! We then fed 58 people back at the Demo Garden in the GH5.  

Everyone had a great day as you can see from the pictures courtesy of Dennis Brown.

Weren’t able to come to the open house? That’s ok, feel free to come on down and play in the dirt with us any Monday or Thursday from 9am-noon or the 3rd Saturday of every month (starting this month). No need to sign up in advance, everyone is always welcome to join us.

Demo Garden: 6801 SE 60th Avenue (across from Brentwood Park), Annex Garden: Pedestrian Gate, 3360 SE 57th Ave


Interested in Learning more about the plans for Demo Garden and Annex? Stop by one of the garden planning meetings on the 2nd Monday & 4th Thursday of the month, February - November. Meetings begin at 12:30 at the Woodstock Wine & Deli. The next meeting is scheduled for 5/13 at 12:30pm.

Questions about the Demo Garden? Email us at: mcmgdemogarden@gmail.com

Interested in keeping up with all the exciting happenings at the Demo Garden (garden planning, hands-on classes, seed starting, garden prep, etc.) and/or dropping-in to lend a hand come spring?

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