Incredible Volunteers Help Make the Incredible Edibles Sale a Great Success

We’ve received a lot of wonderful feedback on this year’s Incredible Edibles Plant Sale – “impressive”, “organized”, “highly efficient machine”, “lots of fun”, “great selection”, and “looking forward to getting there earlier next year”.  Customers only complaint was that we didn’t order enough!  44 flats of Genovese basil sold out by 11:30 am.  Do you know what it is like to order 44 flats of basil in February? It takes a big gut check to order that many plants on a cold, wet, wintery day!  The Restock team did a great job consolidating the plants into fewer and fewer tables which really helped sell those remaining plant varieties.  Also a big shout out for those folks who helped stack the empty tables in that heat.  It made a big difference to the Takedown team.  Note: next year we’ll need more fresh faces on the Takedown team as that heat really caught us dragging in the end. 

All of the teams did a great job this year, and all of those combined efforts made a big difference to the sale’s success.  That was made possible by you- the 170 volunteers who made this happen.  We thank you!

We’re planning on May 9th, the day before Mother’s Day, for next year’s sale as that day works well, has better chances for good weather, and it is kinder to our tomatoes, peppers, and basil.  We’ve also received a good number of suggestions for next year.  Have the coffee vendor and Raffle open around 9 am; move Plant Check closer to the Cashier/Tally purchase queue, maybe open 2 entrances in the morning, improve Exit, and No Entrance signs, move and sound check the music, distribute raffle item lists to people waiting in entrance queue lines, and many more.  If you have ideas, please send them to

Over the last few years we have increased the net profit from $14K, to $17.5K, to $19K, and we’ve done this without significantly ordering more plants from our vendor.  This was the first year we have had full access to the renovated parking lot, and with this year’s success we will be going into next year with the confidence to increase our order by 15%, if possible.  We're already hearing the chants, “More basil, more basil, we want more basil.”  We have the overstock space to do this, and some confidence that we can process the morning rush even more efficiently, and most important of all, we feel we can do this without increasing the demands on our volunteers. 

We want this to continue to be a fun experience for all, and from the feedback we’ve received, everyone had fun and many are looking forward to doing it again next year.  Mark your calendars – May 9, 2020.

From Rich Becker and Kathy Fetty, Incredible Edibles Plant Sale Co-chairs and Jack Lazareck, President of the Multnomah Co. Chapter

IE 2019-3.jpg

Save the date for next year! We’ll see you on Saturday, May 9th!