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Our Chapter sponsored the third annual Intern Summer Veggie Class on June 8th.  This opportunity is offered exclusively for Master Gardeners in-training as a way to network with other interns, learn about our Chapter, and connect again with our MG Extension leader Weston Miller. Nineteen enthusiastic MG Interns participated in this year’s class which was held at Corinne Thomas-Kersting’s home garden and also hosted by Eddie Rosen.

Starting with a warm welcome, Corinne and Eddie spoke about the opportunities and benefits of Chapter membership.  Then Weston shared recommendations about successful vegetable production and successive planting for year-round vegetable harvest.  The Interns especially appreciated the extensive time to ask questions and follow-up with gardening puzzles that have come up “since we have had the chance to get our hands in the soil.” Following that, the interns enjoyed a tour of Corinne’s vegetable garden and native plant areas as she shared lessons learned, both challenges and successes.

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Comments from the class participants included:

·      “Great class! It is helpful to reinforce knowledge learned, now that our gardens are growing”

·      “Weston is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Concise, clear, engaging, dense information, great organizations and handouts”

·      “Great to check in and get fresh reminders on planting gardening seasons”


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