Seed to Supper Instructors Needed!


The June Key Delta Community Center (5940 N. Albina Avenue, Portland 97217, ) is interested in sponsoring an Oregon Food Bank Seed to Supper class at their facility for members of their community. They have asked if any Master Gardeners who are trained Seed to Supper facilitators would be willing to work with them in setting up a class.

If this is something, you are interested in, please contact Jack Lazareck at:, 503-709-9191 and we can look at setting up a meeting with members of the June Key Delta Sorority and the Oregon Food Bank.

Unfamiliar with Seed to Supper?! It is a free beginning gardening course that teaches participants the tools they need to start a garden and grow their own food on a budget. A joint program of Oregon Food Bank and OSU Extension Service, Seed to Supper is offered throughout Oregon and Clark County, WA. Learn more about this fantastic program here.