The Demonstration Garden finally gets a rest. The garden right off 60th avenue, which we’ve worked in for many years (2008?) has been asleep since early November, but some dedicated (foolhardy?) folks kept working in the new Annex until mid-December. Finally we’ve given it a rest as well.

Believe it or not - and probably a lot of volunteers would vote “not” - our first planning meeting for the new year is only weeks away on January 18th. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor (no basement available) of planning for the new year, come to the Woodstock Wine and Deli at noon that day. If you’re not on the planning listserv (DemoGardenPlanning), send a note to, asking to be added. Actual work at the garden will probably start at the beginning of February with the planting of seeds in the greenhouse for later transplanting when the outdoor soil warms.

Two of the beds, M & N, at the original garden will be allowed to go fallow this year. The year before last we discovered Symphylans in those beds. We attempted to grow potatoes in the beds last year, but did not have a very good crop. Our research indicated potatoes were the least affected of the vegies we usually grow, but no one is excited about trying to get a crop from those beds this year.


The Annex saw a lot of development this past year, with all of the planned perennial beds at least mulched for the winter, and some plants in nursery beds ready for spring planting. The banner at the top of this page shows some of the progress. The major paths were dug out, and the path borders installed in some areas. We also covered the driveway turn-around with gravel, although that will be extended somewhat next spring.

Work will probably begin again at the Annex in February whenever the rains permit. We’ll hold another… what?... seminar? (we can’t say workshop) on building raised beds as we start building the many new beds needed. Watch for notice in DemoGardenNews, another listserv you should consider joining. Send "Sign me up" to

The biggest news of the year will need to wait a bit for final confirmation. We hope to receive the donation of a large greenhouse for the annex. There is hope for a stronger statement in the February eNews.