Wham! January 1st of a new year, and suddenly our chapter has zero members! It’s time to renew your membership. Why? So we can keep sending you the eNews, of course! There’s also the benefit of receiving an up-to-date directory. If you’re kind enough to check the boxes that describe your skills, we’ll also be able to call on you for help! You’re not sure that’s a benefit? Well trust us, WE think it's a benefit! Numerous times this past year we sorted the directory spreadsheet by a particular skill, and found someone who could get some easy volunteer hours doing something they were good at.

Having a large number of members also helps us when our Oregon Master Gardeners Association (OMGA) representative is debating an issue at the state-wide meetings. You probably think Multnomah County Chapter easily has the most members - nope. At least two of those counties on the California border have more members, even though their population is much less than ours! You’re not going to let Portland get beat out by Medford and Grants Pass, are you? Renew your membership now, and bug your friends as well!

How to do it? Easy-peasy. Follow this link to the renewal page of our website. We’ve made a few improvements this year to make it go smoother. If you prefer the old paper method with a hand-written check, take a look at the email that got you to eNews. There’s an attached file that you can print out, fill in, and mail to us. If you feel like adding on an additional donation, we’d be glad to have it, paper or electronic. Yet another way to renew is to bring your money (check, credit card) to the January meeting and find the membership table!