As a member of our Master Gardener Chapter, one of your duties is to approve the budget proposed by your Board of Directors. The Board will ask you to do this at the January 9th Chapter Meeting. Although the final budget to be presented for your approval will not be available until it is approved at the January 2nd Board Meeting, a very close approximation is presented below. Copies of the actual budget will be available at the January Chapter Meeting.

Starting Balance

As of the beginning of the year, our balance (checking plus savings) will be approximately $68,000. This may vary slightly as last minute bills are paid.

Expected Income

Demo Garden Income - $200
Education and Outreach - $0
Incredible Edible Sale = $40,800 ($38,000 plants, and $2800 raffle)
Merchandise Sales - $10,000
General Income - $6,350 ($4540 - Memberships, $1000 - Directory Ads)
Total Expected Income - $57,340

Expected Expenses

Demo Garden - $32,500 ($26,800 Annex Construction, mostly greenhouse; $3500 Annex plants)
Education and Outreach - $1825
Garden Clinics - $765
Master Gardener Training Support - $1400
Monthly Speaker Program - $2350
OSU MG Program Support - $8816.67
Incredible Edible Sale - $27,570 (Stuff to sell - $18,000)
Merchandise Sales - $7660
General Expenses - $6393
Total Expected Expenses - $89,279.67

Ending Balance

The expected ending balance for the year will be approximately $36,000. The great majority of the "negative cash flow" is because of the work being done to create the Annex at the Demonstration Garden. This will be the last year for major exenses. Once construction is complete, only normal operational expenses are expected.