Interested in learning more about the Farm Bill?

The next version of this trillion-dollar omnibus package of laws, which sets the course for our food and farming systems, is due for reauthorization in 2018 and discussion is already well underway. The Farm Bill funds major nutrition and agricultural programs.  Even though this legislation primarily relates to commercial practices, Master Gardeners™ who care about soil health and accessibility to food free of toxins care about these practices.  

As Master Gardeners™, we do not endorse or support specific legislation, but as educators we are eager to learn and share relevant information.  It is for that reason that we are pleased that the office of our local Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, reached out to share information about this issue.  Congressman Blumenauer has demonstrated a long-time interest in sustainable agricultural policy and has recently proposed an alternative Farm Bill, the Food and Farm Act.  To learn more about the highlights of the Farm Bill and proposed alternatives, follow these links:

The Food and Farm Act Highlights

Growing Opportunities:  Reforming the Farm Bill for Every American