Hodge Podge - you know, a little of this and a little of that. A collection of smallish things. The new things you want to know, the old things you want to remember. Here’s where they hide.

MG Training
You still have a chance to learn about Fruit Trees (Monica Maggio) and Weed Management (Chip Bubl) his Friday (March 8th) at the MG Training Classes. Most of us have a fruit tree or three, and all of us have got some weeds! Come learn, or maybe relearn about these topics. On the last day of the training, March 23rd, you’ve got a great opportunity to hear Jen Aron, from the Beginning Urban Farmer Apprentice program, talk about growing vegies in the morning session (no, you don’t have to grow them in the morning, that’s when she’s talking!). She’s got the experience. I plan to listen!

Raised Bed Class
Are you considering building raised beds for your garden? Could you use a few tips on construction? The Demo Garden will hold a hands-on class on building raised beds Saturday, March 10th, from 10am until noon. We’ll concentrate on wooden beds, but will talk about other techniques as well. As part of the process, we’ll build the first few raised beds for the new Annex garden. Use the 57th or 58th Avenue entrances, or the original entrance at 6801 SE 60th (a longer walk back to the Annex). Gloves might be handy, but otherwise just bring your hands and your brain. The general public is welcome. Send a note to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com if you plan to come.

Learning from the Best

Learning from the Best

Learning from the Best!
Multnomah Master Gardeners™ gathered for a fun and informative Fruit Tree Pruning Class at the Oregon Food Bank on February 24 th . Over twenty veterans and trainees spent the morning with Clackamas Community College instructor, Bruce Nelson. His practical instruction was followed by a full morning of pruning and learning in the OFB orchard, where we refined the techniques we use in our roles as OSU Master Gardeners, in the community, and in our own gardens. Thanks to all the participants, as this class served as a way for us to give back and help maintain the fruit trees for one of our closest community partners. We appreciate the Oregon Food Bank and Bruce for making this valuable hands-on opportunity possible! Our Multnomah County Chapter will also be sponsoring a summer hands-on pruning class (date TBD). Look for your email invitation in June.

Award Nominations
Calling for nominations for 2018 Multnomah County Master Gardener of the Year Award, Behind the Scenes Award and Community Partner Recognition Certificates.  The submission deadline is April 30, 2018for MG of the Year and BTS;  May 15th for June Shank  partial scholarship award to  Mini-College at Linfield College, McMinnville, OR.  July 12-14, 2018. Talk to John Jordan or Gloria Bennett with your ideas.

Filing Cabinet Additions
Check out the "Chapter History of Awards" which has been added to the Filing Cabinet (The Chapter's online library of information available from any eNews). Maybe you can help us fill in award winners we don't know about! Also, almost all the Speaker Series Programs for the coming year have been greatly fleshed out in "2018 Chapter Speaker Series". Read up on what you'll be learning through out the year. Finally, if you ever wonder what your board of directors is up to, the minutes of the meetings are now available in the Filing  Cabinet.