Incredible Edible Plant Sale

Beven Peters and Marcia McIntyre have placed the plant order marking the kickoff for the 6th annual Incredible Edibles Plant Sale, on Saturday, May 5th, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church parking lot on NE Hancock St. between 16th St. and 17th St., 2 blocks north of Broadway.

Each year seems to present new challenges, from the “wind event” to last year’s cold spring with several key varietal failures. This year’s first challenge is that we will need a new layout as the parking lot has been landscaped with many curbed planting boxes that will require both protection for the newly planted perennials as well as protection for our customers from the new curbs as tripping hazards. Beven Peters currently is using her design talents once again to meet these issues and design new traffic flows through this maze. Once we have a plan, Rich Becker the IE Chair will start working with the many team leads to recruit volunteers and setup the task lists.

It looks like we should be able to fit most if not all of the usual events onto the site

  • The secure plant sale area
  • Multnomah Master Gardener merchandise
  • The Incredible Raffle
  • Master Gardener Clinic table
  • Speakers tent
  • Kids tent
  • Food and craft vendors
  • Entertainers tent
IE Sale.jpg

Time to start spreading the word via Facebook, Nextdoor, and whatever social media connections you may have so people can save the date. Mark your own calendars for both the day of the event and the Friday afternoon before if you want to be part of the setup party. Anyone interested in taking on one of the team lead positions should contact Rich, at While many of last year’s team leads will be continuing, a couple have conflicts, and most would very much like additional co-leads to both spread the load and the fun, to train future leads, and most importantly to freshen the event with new ideas and energy.

Rich and the team leads will be looking to wrangle the very large number of volunteers needed to pull this event off. One thing we could use help with right now would be to share any pictures you have of last years’ event by sending them to

Remember, this event is our major funder raiser for the year. Since Beven and Marcia created this event 6 years ago, the Multnomah Chapter has been able to provide much stronger financial support to the Metro MG Program, for fellowships and scholarships that are helping broaden the diversity and the skill set of our volunteer organization, and to help underwrite the expansion of the Demo Garden. So please come, volunteer, and make new

friendships or reconnect with old friends, and help connect with this year’s new interns who provide the important sustaining energy for the chapter and the event.